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The Bitcoin Asia travel is started under 'Ringel Web Technology PVT LTD' which is listed as a Government of India accredited startup company, as well as in the Varanasi Technology Business Incubation, IIT, Banaras Hindu University.

BitcoinAsia aims to transform the travel & tourism industry through an interesting method. It brings every service that you could ever need into one place, ensuring that you get to do all you need to do without hopping from one platform to another. With this product, everyone will be able to make seamless payments for the entirety of their travel journey. While there have been services that make it easy to do just one thing, BitcoinAsia brings these services altogether.

The platform also provides interesting payment structures, thanks to its incorporation of cryptocurrencies. With BitcoinAsia, you can pay for services using Bitcoin, Ether, and BTCA directly from the platform. This means that you get to enjoy secure and quick payment integration for whatever service you would like to have

BitcoinAsia currently serves the Asia continent. However, there are plans to branch out and expand its service offering to other continents. With its website, travelers will be able to check travel packages for Asian countries, get their services customized, and immediately book these services using cryptocurrencies.

This service is truly one of the most impressive and revolutionary products in the aviation industry. It signals the future, where everything you need is decentralized and brought together. The platform has also impressively incorporated cryptocurrencies, ensuring that people get to make seamless payment and not worry about their details being stolen.

With BitcoinAsia, however, everything is done from one end. The service provides a reliable and seamless portal where people can make payments for everything. These include flights, transportation, meal plans, hotels and accommodation, sightseeing expenses (entry fees - Amusement park, museum, monuments, etc.) and even travel insurance.

Why Book From BitcoinAsia

Booking Through Cryptocurrencies

Booking destinations of your choice with BitcoinAsia Token & Ethereum and get discounts

Award-Winning Service

Quick Booking Assistance through our agents available 24X7 till your tour ends.

Booking Accross All Asian Destinations

Coverage in 48 Countries of Asia with top travel destinations

Wide coverage among hundred's of cities in 48 Asian Countries

Thousands of customers of BitcoinAsia making it successfull day by day

Ecellant Customer Service to provide you better experience 24Hrs untill your tour ends.

Easy Payment through Cryptocurrencies

Dedicated Team

Vinay Chandra Lal
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Harshit Bhatt
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Inayat Hussain
CTO & Co-Founder
Rohit Prakash
Senior Vice President & Co-Founder
Neelam Prasad
Vice President
Suraj Maurya
Business Development Executive
Abhay Kumar
Community Manager
Josef Rokos
Graphic Designer