How BitcoinAsia Changing Travel Experience

Travel is one of the most critical aspects of the global economy. The international community and global economy were built on the ability of people to move from place to place and access lands unknown. It is part of what makes the world what it is today. Over the past few years, a considerable amount of progress has been made with developing the aviation industry and making it more efficient. There have been online travel agencies that operate solely on the internet, allowing people to book flights and get other things done without necessarily having to leave their houses. Still, something is missing. The majority of people who conduct aviation services still do so in person. Something is missing in the industry, and BitcoinAsia is here to fill that void.

The travel domain is getting ready for a launch in January 2021. The platform also provides interesting payment structures, thanks to its incorporation of cryptocurrencies. With BitcoinAsia, you can pay for services using Bitcoin, Ether, and BTCA directly from the platform. This means that you get to enjoy secure and quick payment integration for whatever service you would like to have. BitcoinAsia currently serves the Asia continent. However, there are plans to branch out and expand its service offering to other continents. With its website, travelers will be able to check travel packages for Asian countries, get their services customized, and immediately book these services using cryptocurrencies.

Future of Tour & Travel BitcoinAsia

BitcoinAsia solution is impressive on several fronts. For one, the company is bringing an innovation that the travel industry has been asking for – digital currency payments. While legacy digital payments and payment processors are fine, they’re always susceptible to hacks. Thanks to the concept of decentralization, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are much safer.

Decentralization essentially means that these currencies work on the blockchain – a network of computers that store transaction records. The blockchain is near impossible to hack, and transactions are much faster since they operate on the combined power of these computers. The cryptocurrency payment is especially prominent now, with more of a focus being put on online payments and how they can help to improve the world as we battle through the coronavirus pandemic.

Along with the nifty crypto payment solution, BitcoinAsia also helps because it allows users to do everything in one place. The platform is as safe as can be, and it ensures that you can pay for everything regarding your trip on a single portal. From your flight ticket to the tour guide who will take you around your new city, BitcoinAsia is your one-stop payment solution. Technology is about convenience and improvement. BitcoinAsia is bringing these tenets to the travel industry in a massive way.

BitcoinAsia in World's First Blockchain Based Tour & Travel Company

Everyone pretty much understands the travel process these days. Whether it’s local or foreign, you’ve had experience with booking a flight, getting to your destination, and having to work through different media to ensure that you’re comfortable and your entire stay at wherever you go is fun and interesting. The process has pretty much been the same for years. You usually start by going online and booking your flight ticket, paying for it, and eventually taking the trip. When you eventually get to your destination, you start by looking for a great hotel to stay, paying for tours, and much more.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed an improvement that has come gradually at best. From having to handle all of this physically, processes moved online and became more convenient. However, one of the basic tenets of technology is finding ways to do things better. No matter how good something might seem right now, it can always get better and make for even more convenient user experience. This is why decentralizing the travel space has become more important. The concept of decentralization usually brings blockchain – and sometimes, cryptocurrencies – into play. They essentially provide greater security and a more seamless operation method that ensures easier access and reduces the fear of attacks. In the travel agency, decentralization is coming into play and one of the platforms ready to bring that to force is BitcoinAsia.

BitcoinAsia is getting ready to launch its platform in 2021. The company serves the Asian continent primarily, providing a reliable and effective means of paying for flights and covering the full travel experience. With BitcoinAsia, you can do just about everything. You can pay for flights, book your tickets, make reservations at a hotel, arrange for a tour, pay for your meals, pay entry fees of Amusement park, museum, monuments, etc. and even handle your travel insurance bills through cryptocurrency.